Discover the Dessim Collection by Strohm Teka

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At Moraval, we are excited to introduce the exceptional Dessim collection by Strohm Teka, a range of products that seamlessly fuses cutting-edge design and functionality with a deep focus on conserving the planet. Our mission is to bring you the very best in quality and style for your home, and the Dessim collection embodies ...

Trends in the world of ceramics

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Ceramics is an ancient art that has evolved over the centuries. Today, the latest trends in ceramics are marked by the fusion of traditional techniques with innovation and the use of modern technology. Ceramic artists are experimenting with new materials and forms, as well as decoration and finishing techniques. Contemporary ceramics is becoming an ...

How to apply Feng Shui at home.

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique that focuses on harmonising spaces to generate positive and balanced energy.. Applying Feng Shui at home can be very beneficial to improve your quality of life and attract prosperity and abundance. If that interests you, in this article we tell you some practical tips to apply Feng ...

Why choose ceramic cladding on façades?

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  Within the new urban or housing models, ceramic façades have become increasingly important. This is because ceramic façade cladding is one of the most durable options that can be used as a finish on the exterior envelope of a building. And as well as being a very important construction element, it is also ...

How to install the flooring for your terrace.

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The important thing when choosing an outdoor floor is to choose a ceramic tile with low porosity, which does not absorb moisture from the ground. Porcelain stoneware is a type of ceramic that is characterised by its low porosity (it has less than 0.5% porosity). This means that it hardly absorbs any water, which ...

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